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To My Autism Warrior Mom, You Have Sacrificed A Lot, You Give All That You Have, You Are A True Warrior - Circle - Luxury Necklace or Bangle

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  • US Delivery Time: 5-8 Days
    International Delivery Time: 2 - 3 Weeks

    -Made in USA (Hackettstown. New Jersey)

    The quality of our pieces is incredible. Each piece is hand made out of Stainless Steel and Glass. Each is one solid piece! 

    -Unbreakable and crafted in Surgical Steel and Shatterproof Glass

    Throw it against a brick wall and nothing will happen

    Get our laser engraving option and put your special message at the back of this item!

    -Comes with free Gift Box

    - Necklaces adjustable 18"-22"
    - Bangles adjustable 7"-9"
    - Pendant Measures 23.5mm.

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    No pop-ins, bottle caps, plastic.

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