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Autism Colorful Puzzle Luxury Heart Charm in Real-Leather Bracelet

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  • US Delivery Time: 5-10 Days
    International Delivery Time: 2 - 4 Weeks

    -Made in USA (Hackettstown. New Jersey)

    The quality of our pieces is incredible. Each piece is hand made out of Stainless Steel and Glass. Each is one solid piece! 

    Woven Double-Braided Real-Leather Cowhide Charm Bracelet made in the U.S.A.

    -Unbreakable and crafted in Surgical Steel and Shatterproof Glass

    Throw it against a brick wall and nothing will happen

    Get our laser engraving option and put your special message at the back of this item!

    -Comes with free Gift Box

    - Comes in two bracelet sizes 36.5 cm (S/M) and 39cm (M/L)
    - Charm measures 18mm x 18mm.
    - Bracelet is 3mm wide

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    No pop-ins, bottle caps, plastic.

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